That Itchy Scratchy Feeling – Babies And Their Allergies

You are a girl, a bride, and then a mother-the definition of love changes at each stage and then comes the truest love of all. You bond with the unborn, you relate to the unrelated, you speak to the speechless, you understand the unspoken words. You are much more than what words can express. A saviour, a guide, at times, a warrior too for your child.

But what makes a mother so special?

The feeling of motherhood.  Even before the child is born, you knew that your life was going to change tremendously. You started visualising your baby. The real magic, the feeling of TRUE LOVE started showing up. All that came alive in so many wonderful ways at the first sight of your child, the first touch, the snuggle, the time when your baby awoke, and all those moments when your baby is growing.

Heaven came to earth when you delivered your bundle of love. It is the most precious gift ever received by you.

Babies and allergies

We know that when something goes wrong with your baby, it is a moment of turmoil for a mother like you. You cannot bear the very sight of your baby crying. You try to do all that you can to bring that smile back to your baby’s face. For the smallest thing or a simple rash, you may even consult a doctor.

Allergies are more beyond mere rashes. They are caused because of allergens. Allergies may be described as reactions with some substances in the immunity system of a living being. Babies or young children are at a greater risk and more susceptible as their immunity system is not well developed. As they grow older, their body develops antibodies which are able to fight against these allergies. Allergens are allergy-causing substances and are of varied kinds. Some of these allergens are mild and do not cause much harm, but some are quite severe and need immediate cure and treatment from a doctor.

Causes of Skin allergies

Some of the common reasons why allergies appear are:

  • Food – The commonest allergen is food. After the nursing period, when a baby tries to have something new for the first time, it’s unclear what will be the kind of reaction of the body towards the food that the child is having. So as a practice, it is always advisable to try only one new food item every few days. That way, you can be sure that the regular meals that the baby is having will not cause any kind of allergy.
  • Pollen grains– Come spring, the flowers bloom everywhere. But this is the time to take utmost care for your little one. The pollen from these bright flowers spread far through the air. The air carries them into the nasal cavity of your baby causing itchiness, sneezing, and coughing. At times, it may severely affect the child’s respiratory system. This could lead to running nose and cold-like symptoms.
  • Dust mites- These are minute, microscopic organisms found within dust or dirt in the house. They are impossible to remove completely since they are so ubiquitous. Given that they are all around, care should be taken such that the carpets, bed sheets, blankets, mattresses, and the baby’s clothing are kept clean and free from dirt and dust.
  • Animal dander- Most people are very fond of pets as much as they love their kids (almost). Their fur keeps falling here and there. Babies are often allergic to this dander (fur). If your baby is allergic to pet dander you may have to create an exclusion zone within your home where the pet cannot enter. If that doesn’t work then you may have no choice but to do without your pet -a very hard choice.
  • Mold- Rainy season brings along with it a number of diseases as humidity and lack of sunlight makes bugs and micro-organisms active. So, this may result in more than one kind of infection that touches your little one. This allergic reaction may manifest itself as rashes or a skin allergy on your baby’s body.

In most cases, these allergies may cause rashes, sensitive skin, skin redness or itchiness. These allergies also cause respiratory discomfort and may also cause irritation and a discharge from the eyes. The good news is that these allergies are curable and, usually, not severe. A baby with asthmatic symptoms is more prone to develop many kinds of allergies at the same time. In such cases, it is advisable to consult a doctor right away.

Our role in combatting skin allergies in babies

You cannot control the environment surrounding your baby, but you can pay special attention to those things that are closest to your bundle of joy -the clothes your child wears and uses. This means the cloth you use to clothe, wrap, wipe, and protect your baby. These must be clean at all times. You want them to be soft so they don’t irritate the delicate skin. You need the material to stay soft even after the multiple washes you put them through. The best cloth is natural, light, and delicate.

We at Kaarpas know your concern for your little ones and want to keep that smile on your faces as well as on your young ones. For this, we have a wide range of baby products made of very fine and soft muslin cloth made using organic cotton. These fabrics keep in mind how delicate your baby is and how much you care for your child. Our wide range of products includes- blankets, swaddles, sleeping bags, bibs, and burp clothes.

Kaarpas brings about all these baby items in different designs and sizes. For further details, please feel to contact us at our website

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