Why swaddle is a game-changer for newborn parents

Swaddles are always considered a smart and convenient choice for a newborn's parent. Wrapping neonates in soft cotton swaddles keeps them warm and cozy just like their mum's womb! And this turns out to be a very useful technique to keep your baby asleep comfortably for a longer period. Even ancient parents used this formula to make their infants sleep by wrapping them into a soft cotton saree or cloth.

Reasons Why every parent should have swaddles in their very first few months of parenthood:

1. Helps baby to sleep faster
After coming out from the womb newborns always seek for that warmth and tenderness. Wrapping them into the swaddle gives them a compact and secure feeling like their Mumma's tummy that helps to sleep faster.

2. Reduces Moro reflex, or startle reflex
Every healthy newborn tends to have a Moro reflex or startle reflex which is an immediate reaction to the sense of falling or any sudden movement that includes throwing arms and legs in the air or crying. Swaddling your tot gives them a sense of security and prevents them from those activities that can disturb their sleep hence the baby gets a deep and peaceful sleep.

3. Saves from scratching out the face
Every little tot has a habit to scratch out their face with sharp nails while playing. Draping them with a swaddle creates a barrier between the nails and the face and doesn't let your little warrior bleed!

4. Gives an instant bedtime signal
Making a swaddle sleeping habit for your newborn bounds them into discipline and makes them sleepy instantly after folding them inside the swaddle. Swaddles help them to calm down and give an instant signal that it's time to take a nap.

5. Makes the carrying process easier
It is not easy to carry a newborn on the lap.
Their neck bones are extremely gentle and holding their head properly while walking is not a cup of tea! And it is even harder with a restless kiddo! Swaddle keeps the baby tight from the inside and does not let them dislocate which makes the carrying process much easier and manageable

Some things you need to be aware of while swaddling your toddler
1. Don't wrap too tightly, leave it a bit loose so your baby can move, play, and relax inside.
2. Don't let your baby go overheat in the swaddle, always go for a Soft, breathable Swaddle blanket like kaarpas swaddles that maintains the utmost comfort inside.
3. Always put the baby on their back while swaddling.
4. Don't put a lot of clothes on your baby before swaddling it may suffocate her/him, just one onesie is all right.
5. Unswaddle them while feeding.
6. Stop using swaddles when the baby starts rolling

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