What is Moro reflex?

Moro reflex is also often called startle reflex where the baby startles by some kind of loud noise, bright lights, sense of falling, or their own movements. When it triggers the child reacts immediately in various ways. Extending arms, and legs to the extreme in the air, tossing their head back, twisting arms and legs towards the body are some of them. Severe triggers can also provoke crying.
Well, these infantile reflexes are nothing to be worried about! It is very normal for newborns and considers as a sign of a healthy baby.
However, it distresses newborns' parents when the tot's sleep gets interrupted every time they startle.

How to calm the reflex?
Calming your toddler's startle reflex is very important as it keeps them away from a deep and peaceful sleep.
Following some easy tactics can help you to cope up with the reflex and improve your little one's resting span automatically. The more they rest the better development happens!

1. Shift them gently
While lying your dozing toddler into the crib or on the bed always stay gentle and slow as the Moro reflex hits most because of the hasty movements

2. Be careful while feeding
Go slow and steady while feeding your
newborn. Sudden actions could abrupt their restful mind and invite the reflex fast.

3. Prepare a cool and cozy atmosphere for sleeping
After coming out from their mother's womb newborns can't endure high-pitched sounds or bright lights. Making a dark, cozy, comfortable atmosphere is very necessary for baby's
peaceful long-lasting sleep.

4. White noise
White noise machines secure your little one's sleep by creating a womb-like surrounding. It helps to sleep them quickly and peacefully.

5. Swaddling
Swaddling your tot with a light cotton swaddle like Kaarpas 100% organic cotton swaddle with breathable fabric gives them a sense of security which keeps them asleep for a longer period.

6. Stay close to them
Staying close to your baby soothes them quickly even if the reflex kicks in

How long does Moro reflex stay?
Moro reflex or startle reflex commonly stays for 2 to 3 months for some babies it can extend for 4 to 6 months as well.

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