Activities to keep your newborn healthy

Always wonder how to engage with your newborn besides changing their diaper, feeding or sleeping?
Well, playing or communicating with your baby helps them to grow healthy.
What are the activities should be?

1. Baby talks: When you talk to a baby even if they don't understand a single word of yours they respond by moving their head and eyebrows, throwing their arms, legs. The response is more toward the tone. The reaction varies with the tones accordingly. It helps the baby to develop their own language abilities.

2. Texture sensations: Putting your newborn on different textures helps to strengthen their muscles for grip, stimulate their sensations as well as introduce them to the world of various surfaces.

3. Baby massage: A newborn's body is extremely delicate. A gentle body massage soothes the baby and helps them to sleep fast. Massages also have many more benefits like improving blood circulation, boosting digestion, improving muscle strength, and helping in weight gain. Though while giving a newborn body massage you need to be very mindful and unhurried.

4. Playing: One peek a boo and your toddler giggles her whole heart out!
Playing with them very frequently helps their brain to develop and connect. Along with that, it improves their other skills like social skills & self-control, create a special bond between parents and the child.
Also reading storybooks, playing soft music like lullabies, introducing them to different kinds of toys, taking them for a short outside tour enables the brain's capacity and helps to capture the outer world more hastily.

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