• Activities to keep your newborn healthy

    Always wonder how to engage with your newborn besides changing their diaper, feeding or sleeping? Well, playing or communicating with your baby helps them to grow healthy.What are the activities should be? 1. Baby talks: When you talk to a baby even if they don't understand a single word of yours they respond by moving their head and eyebrows, throwing their arms, legs. The...
  • What is Moro reflex?

    Moro reflex is also often called startle reflex where the baby startles by some kind of loud noise, bright lights, sense of falling, or their own movements. When it triggers the child reacts immediately in various ways. Extending arms, and legs to the extreme in the air, tossing their head back, twisting arms and legs towards the body are some of them. Severe triggers...
  • 7 ways to make your baby feel at home in the crib

    7 ways to make your baby feel at home in the crib
    For your baby, nothing can be as comforting as being wrapped up in mama’s arms. And as a mother of a newborn, you feel that warmth too. But that often means that the struggle of making your little one sleep on the bed or in the crib is greater. Babies just don’t seem to get any sleep away from their mother’s arms. They say...
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